Wednesday, July 21, 2004

- As you can plainly see, I have moved my web-blog to a new location.  Besides being easier on the eyes, there are two important additions:
1. I have added links on the right-hand side of the page to many of the webpages I read each day.
2. You can now post your own comments!  At the bottom of the postings for a particular day, you can leave a comment.  You can write anything you want, but remember that anyone on the internet will be able to read what you have typed.

- The Monty Hall paradox.  I hadn't heard of this mathematical problem until today.  The paradox is about the "behind the three doors" game that use to be played on the old Monty Hall show.  Follow this link.  Play the game, and then read the explanation.  It's a fascinating read:

- This week marks the 35th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.  I saw Neil Armstrong on TV this morning, and I nearly crapped my pants.  Neil is a well-known recluse.  He hardly ever gives interviews or leaves his home.  Not many people know the real reason why we went to the moon.  Neil Armstrong is the only being in the universe who can defeat the dreaded Frank Kush.  In 1969, Neil deposited Frank Kush on the surface of the moon, so he could no longer terrorize humanity.  Here is an article about the things Neil and Buzz left on the moon.  The article doesnt mention Frank Kush.  The cover-up continues:

- The summer of 2005 could be an amazing season for movies.  We are getting the final Star Wars movie, and a new Batman movie!  This new Batman movie is being made by a whole new cast and crew.  It looks dark and nasty.  When I think of this movie, I am reminded of a quote from Frank Miller (the comic-book writer who re-invented Batman).  Frank once said "to me, Batman was never funny."  Here is a website that is dedicated to bringing you all the news about the new movie:

- There is nothing worse than going to a movie theater, spending your 10 bucks, and then sitting through 2+ hours of gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing cinema.  You will never get those two hours back!  They are gone forever.  Sometimes before I see a movie, I go to the website  This website collects all the reviews for every future release, and compiles the good and bad reviews, so you can see how the critics, in general, are reacting to the movie.  For example, if a movie has received 100 bad reviews, and 5 good ones, its probably a wise decision to avoid that movie:

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