Saturday, January 10, 2004

- Editorial at about which EU characters had the biggest impact on the Star Wars universe:
- ESPN Sports writer gives his top 25 college football teams for 2004:  
- Michael Medved, the Harvard educated, right-wing, Jewish, film-critic/radio host, explains why Hollywood should leave its politics out of its movies:  
- George Will explains why life is a heck of alot better nowadays:
- Return of the King was beaten at the box office this weekend by Big Fish.  RoTK currently has 314 mil in the bank.  I estimate it will finish around 380 million.  Fellowship made 314 million.  Two Towers made 340 million.  Thats a grand total of 1.034 billion.  The Phantom Menace made 431 million.  Attack of the Clones made 310 million.  That means Episode 3 must make 293 million in order for the prequels to pass The Lord of the Rings trilogy in total North American box office dollars.  Should be damn close.  Here is a link to see the numbers that I am using: 

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